Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

Using some of the keyboard shortcuts for Vista can save you time. Here is a list of a few useful key combinations. (<Winkey> is the key with the windows logo on it.)

  1. <Alt>  When viewing a folder, press the <Alt> key to display a menu of 'File, Edit, View, Tools, Help' 
  2. <Winkey>  Toggles the display of the Start menu
  3. <Winkey><M>  Will minimize all open windows so that you only see your desktop
  4. <Winkey><Shift><M> Will undo the minimize all windows
  5. <Alt><Tab>   Will cycle through the next button of the taskbar in a linear display
  6. <Alt><Shift><Tab> Will cycle throught the previous button of the task bar
  7. <Winkey><Tab>   Will cycle through next button of the taskbar in a 3D Flip
  8. <Winkey><Shift><Tab> Will cycle through the previous button of the taskbar
  9. <Winkey><D>   Displays the desktop
  10. <Winkey><E>   Opens an explorer window showing Computer
  11. <Winkey><F>   Opens a Search Results window, activates Search Companion
  12. <Winkey><Ctrl><F> Opens a Search Results window, activates Search Companion, and starts a Search
  13. <Winkey><F1>   Opens a Windows Help and Support window
  14. <Winkey><R> Displays the Run dialog box
  15. <Winkey><U> Displays Utility Manager
  16. <Winkey><L> Locks the computer

The following keys are basic across any Windows OS. You would highlight an object or text and then press:

  1. <Ctrl><X> Cut
  2. <Ctrl><C> Copy
  3. <Ctrl><V> Paste
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