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‘Ohana is Hawaiian for "extended family" and is very inclusive. At the University of Hawaii, ‘Ohana refers to the group of individuals consisting of alumni, former faculty or staff, and former University department affiliates who were assigned a UH Username but no longer have an active affiliation with the University. The initial services available for ‘Ohana include:

  • Password Administration -- Password administration includes management of your secret questions and answer. You can fall back on these if they are wisely chosen to allow you to recover from losing/forgetting your password.
  • Google@UH Services (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, Groups) -- You can continue to access Google@UH, even after your active association with the University has ended. This includes the continued availability of all data stored in Google@UH services, such as email messages and folders in Google@UH Gmail, data in Google@UH Drive, and sites in Google@UH Sites. POP and IMAP access to Google@UH Gmail will also continue.
  • STAR -- The University STAR academic advising service allows most alumni to create information transcripts. Note that for official transcripts you still must contact the Registrar's Office.
  • SECE (only for students who earned a degree from UH) -- The Student Employment website now lists full-time jobs, which are available to recent UH graduates.
  • MyUH -- This academic portal contains links to many UH online services.

‘Ohana enrollment must be renewed annually. You will be sent a series of email reminders in advance of the annual renewal date. Regretfully, should you not renew on time, we will be unable to reestablish your 'Ohana credentials (username and password) and associated services. Any data associated with your UH Username that you manage/maintain yourself, including email, contacts, documents, and websites, will no longer be available.

Furthermore, 'Ohana users who exceed their 7.5GB Google@UH quota may have their UH Usernames disabled. This will result in the loss of access to associated online services for 'Ohana and the loss of all data stored within their Google@UH account (including emails stored in Gmail, documents stored in Drive, calendar and contact data, etc.). See for more information on the Google@UH storage policy for 'Ohana and for help with managing your storage.

Individuals are reminded that the use of UH Usernames, and available services accessed through UH Usernames, as ‘Ohana continues to be governed by applicable UH policies and State laws, including UH Executive Policy E2.210 and Chapter 708, Hawaii Revised Statutes.


Enrolling in ‘Ohana online services
'Ohana Google@UH Storage Policy and Quotas:
Password Administration:
Saving Email and Personal Webpages (Mac OS X):
Saving Email and Personal Webpages (Windows):

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