INFOBITS: Personal Webpage = Your Calling Card on the WWW

by Justin Fung

What is a personal webpage?

A personal webpage, World Wide Web page, is created by an individual and contains content of a personal nature. Personal webpages can be as simple as plain text, similar to a Word document, or it can be advanced and include images, sounds, links, and videos. A simple personal webpage will consist of a few files, whereas a complex personal webpage may span hundreds or thousands of files. The content of the personal webpage will vary based on what information the individual wants to share. 

Things to consider before you start

There are a few things to consider before creating your first personal webpage. Currently, there is a 20 MB space limit for anyone’s personal webpages. Images, videos, and sound files take up more space than plain text, so check the remaining disk space when adding multimedia to a webpage. Check your current quota by logging into the account management site and clicking on the check quota button.

Personal webpages cannot be created for commercial purposes, or contain any illegal or offensive material. Any violation of the Executive Policy Use and Management of Information Technology Resources policy may result in disciplinary action. For more information regarding the University’s computing and network resources policies please refer to the Executive Policy Use and Management of Information Technology Resources.

The Personal Homepage Management Utility

You can create your own personal webpage by using the personal homepage management utility. Login to your account management page located at with your UH Username and password. Select the option to “Create Home Page”, under the personal homepage options. Enter a title and short message for your page, then hit continue. You should receive confirmation that your personal webpage was created, as well as a link for the location of your personal webpage.  The URL for all personal webpages will follow the same format, which is based upon the UH Username. The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your personal webpage will be in the form:     

A user would be able to view Jane Doe’s personal webpage in a Web browser using the URL:

Manually updating your Personal webpage

In addition to the Personal Homepage Management Utility, you can also manually update your Personal webpage. The UH system will correctly display pages created with HyperText Markup Language (HTML). There are multiple vendors who create software which allow the user to design their personal webpage. The user may choose to use any software they are familiar with to design their personal webpage, as long as the software used is able to create their personal webpage in HTML.        

Please refer to the “Ask Us” article Creating Personal Homepages for specific instructions on how to configure your system to connect to your personal files. Please remember that files for your Personal webpage must be placed into the public_html directory in order to make them viewable. Files can be placed outside of the public_html folder for storage, but all files such as images, video, and sound clips that should appear on the webpage must be placed in the public_html folder.       

Allowing others to view your Personal webpage

The University has online listings for faculty/staff personal webpages. Faculty/staff who would like to have their personal webpages linked to the listings can send an email message to

For additional information related to personal webpages please refer to the ITS “Ask Us” article:

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