INFOBITS: ITS Site Licensing Office Offers Discounted Software

by Sandra Ann Matsumoto

Software acquisition can sometimes be costly and cumbersome for the University community. The ITS Site License Office eases this task by negotiating contracts directly with software vendors, obtaining volume and/or higher education discounts for commonly used software. Once the contract is in place, software can be easily and affordably purchased via the Site License Office.

When a “license” is purchased, it gives the user the legal “right” to use that particular software. All software companies have their own terms and conditions that specify installation rights, so it is very important to verify what you are entitled to. Some software may require a license for each computer that it is installed on, whereas others may allow a secondary installation for a laptop or a home computer.

Currently, there are two basic types of software licenses available at UH. A "site license" can be compared to a lease of the software, which requires an annual usage fee. For example, if a site license is purchased for the current UH fiscal year, the licensee may use the product for that period only. To continue using the software thereafter, a renewal payment for the following fiscal year is required. If the site license is cancelled, all rights to use the software are terminated. An example of a site license is the EndNote bibliographical software purchased from UH.

The alternative type of licensing is called a "perpetual" license. One initial license purchase is needed and the right to use the product does not terminate. Microsoft software purchased through the Site License Office is an example of perpetual licensing.
The Site License Office also helps by providing the UH community with critical software, free of charge. McAfee VirusScan anti-virus software (Windows and Mac) is made available for all UH-owned computers. In addition, each active UH faculty, staff or student may install one VirusScan license for a home computer. Webroot SpySweeper is also provided to protect all UH campus computers from spyware.

Currently, there are many software contracts in place for the UH System. The Site License Office offers a wide variety of software ranging from Microsoft Word to statistical programs such as SAS and SPSS. Most of the software offered is available for either the Windows or Mac operating system. All licenses may be acquired by UH departmental funds, and select software contracts allow for purchases by personal funds from active UH faculty, staff or students.

Although the Site License Office is physically located at the UH Manoa campus, its services apply to the entire UH System. For a complete listing of software available through the Site License Office, please visit or call (808) 956-2404 for more information.

NOTE: There are also several other software licensing programs available at the UH Bookstore via UH departmental funds. Please call (808) 956-4317 or visit the bookstore website for more information at

Active UH faculty, staff and students interested in purchasing select titles of Microsoft or Adobe software via personal funds may purchase it at a discounted price at the UH Bookstore as well. For more information, visit:

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