INFOBITS: Mass Messaging at UH

Mass messaging at UH encompasses emergency alerts to students, faculty, and staff via text messaging and email; campus-wide announcements via email; and Listserv email mailing lists for small and large working groups.

UH Alert provides emergency text messaging to notify the UH community in the event of an emergency.  Students, faculty and staff can register their cell phone number so that they can be notified via text message regarding any emergency.  Currently, about 18,000 students, faculty and staff are subscribed to the service.

Everyone in the UH community is encouraged to subscribe to UH Alert. More information and subscription sign-up can be found at

Another way to reach the UH community is through the UH Email Broadcast Service developed by ITS. The Broadcast Service is used to send general administrative announcements as well as emergency notices to UH users across the entire UH system or at the campus level.  Email can be targeted to distinct groups such as sending email to only students at a specific campus, faculty and staff at a specific campus, or a combination of groups.

The Broadcast Service allows UH units to send notices and announcements that may be of interest to the UH community. Units wanting to send notices through this service must obtain approval from the appropriate office found in the Table of Approving Authorities on the Broadcast Service site:

ITS also maintains a Listserv service for UH faculty and staff to personally maintain email lists. Listserv lists range from a handful of email addresses to several thousand email addresses. UH units, faculty and staff use Listserv for a variety of purposes from maintaining a list of registered students in a specific graduate program to providing information to the public regarding a specific research program.

Listserv lists can be managed either through email or through a web-based interface. You must have a UH Username to request and maintain a list and the list must be related to a UH program or activity. Although, you must have a UH Username to create a list, anyone outside the UH community with a non-UH email address may join a list if you desire.  More information on the UH Listserv service can be found here:

As technology develops and needs change, ITS will continue to research and offer various mass messaging options.


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