My department or organization would like to get a UH Email Account. How do we request one?

There are times when a shared departmental or organizational UH Email Account is necessary to keep email organized and to help identify the department or organization to the world. UH normally discourages the sharing of UH Email Accounts because of security risks and the difficulty in managing a shared UH Email Account. In order to protect the integrity of the shared UH Email Account, only the owner of the UH Email Account will be allowed to give ITS instructions regarding this account.


Departmental UH Username

To request this type of account, fill out a Departmental UH Username Request Form available online. Departmental UH Usernames are active for one year and must be renewed annually to stay active. Departmental UH Usernames can only be requested by an active UH staff or faculty.


Registered Independent Organizations UH Username

Only officially recognized Registered Independent Organizations (RIO) are permitted a single email account to represent the RIO. To request an Organizational UH Username, fill out an Organizational UH Username Request Form available online. Organizational UH Usernames are dependent on your organization being registered with Student Life & Development (or your campus's equivalent) in order to be approved and remain active for subsequent years.


Making Changes to Departmental/Organization UH Usernames

Requests to make changes to existing usernames, such as changing owners, password resets, adding and removing authorized users should be made through the Manage ID section of the form. If you have any issues, please contact the ITS Help Desk at


Owners and Authorized Users

When creating your Departmental UH Username or Organizational UH Username you will be required to specify an owner and, optionally, several authorized users. Both owners and authorized users will have the ability to make various changes to the Departmental or Organizational UH Username.


Owners and Authorized users can:

  • Request a password reset
  • Request a change of ownership
  • Add/remove authorized users
  • Request a display name change
  • Request the deletion of the username (requires ITS Help Desk approval)

A notification email is sent to the owners and all authorized users when a change is made to, or requested for, an account. Individuals who need access to the account (i.e., Google@UH, UH Unix, etc.) need not be listed as authorized users. It is the responsibility of the account owner to control the dissemination of the account's password to other users who require access.


Departmental & Organizational UH Username Lifecycle

Departmental UH Usernames are subject to yearly renewals in order to retain access and continued use. A series of email reminders will be sent to the departmental username owners, authorized users, and the departmental username itself containing information regarding its expiration date, as well as instructions on how to renew. Unfortunately, should you fail to renew on time, your departmental UH username will be deleted along with any data stored on the account (including emails, attachments, documents, webpages, etc.).

Organizational UH Usernames will not need to physically renew as long as they register as an organization with their respective campus ( Unfortunately, should you fail to register your organization with your campus, your organizational UH username will be deleted along with any data stored on the account (including emails, attachments, documents, webpages, etc.).


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