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  1. DMCA Takedown Procedures at UH
    A Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement notice (also known as a DMCA takedown notice) is sent to the University when unauthorized copyrighted materials are found by copyright owners and/or their agents.  The takedown notice includ
  2. UH Account Privacy Policy
    Under normal circumstances, email is considered private and is not subject to audit or review except as stated in UH Executive Policy E2.210: “Use and Management of Information Technology Resources”. UH Systemwide Policies and Procedures
  3. Information Security Policy (E2.214)
    Prepared by Office of Vice President for Information Technology & CIO and the Office of Vice President for Legal Affairs and University General Counsel Please click the following URL for the most recent version of the University of Hawai‘i
  4. Securing your Computer & Protecting your Information
    [Print Friendly Version]   Use of all University of Hawaii information Technology Resources are governed by UH Executive Policy: E2.210 — Use and Management of Information Technology Resources.  Continued use of your UH Use
  5. Policies
    Use and Management of Information Technology Resource Policy (E2.210): Please Read and understand the responsibility of owning and using an account here at UH. Student Conduct Code
  6. Copyright in the Digital Age
    Intellectual property is the lifeblood of a university, and all members of the university community should respect the work of others inside and outside the academy. University of Hawaii Executive Policy E2.210: "Use and Management of Informatio
  7. IT Security @ UH
    General Information Getting your PC unblocked on the UH Network Password Guidelines Securely Deleting Electronic Information Securing Your Desktop Compute
  8. How do I request a new LISTSERV list?
    Login to the LISTSERV request page with your UH username and password. Follow the instructions on the page. You will need to supply a name for the new list (must include a hyphen), provide a description, and select one of the configur
  9. Basic Online Services for Students, Faculty, and Staff
    Your UH Username is valid for the duration of your affiliation with the University of Hawaii. Students must be currently enrolled in good standing; faculty and staff must be current employees of UH. For eligibility requirements and procedures for obt
  10. Google@UH Storage Limitations and Quotas
    In 2021, Google announced a new storage policy which will move our Google domain from unlimited storage to pooled storage across all Google@UH accounts by July 2024. This means that each Google@UH account’s use of Gmail, Drive, and Photos, in a
  11. UH Account Closure
    Students, Non-retiring Faculty/Staff, and UH Affiliates Retiring Faculty/Staff, and Emeriti Deceased Student or Employee/Affiliate UH Account Termination Student, Non-retiring Faculty/Staff, and UH Affiliate Students who ar
  12. Basic Guidelines for University of Hawaii Webpages
    Though ITS does not wish to stifle creativity for any departmental webpage, there needs to be a concerted effort to adhere to at least some minimal set of standards. Here are some guidelines (in no particular order) which you may consider: Dep
  13. UH POLICY: Official Campus Domain Names
    The chancellors of the 10 University of Hawaii campuses decided in 2002 and subsequently reaffirmed standardization of campus domain names as follows:manoa.hawaii.eduhilo.hawaii.eduwestoahu.hawaii.eduhawaii.hawaii.eduhonolulu.hawaii.edukapiola
  14. DMCA Sample Takedown Notice
    From: RIAAInfringementNotification <>Date: January 18, 2007 4:02:40 PM HSTTo: David Lassner <>Subject: Case ID 226401097 - RIAA Infringement NotificationVIA EMAILJanuary 18, 2007David LassnerUniver
  15. How to Turn on Google Consumer Apps for Your Google@UH Account
    Open your web browser to Figure 1. Google@UH Consumer Apps Click the Login button. Login with your UH Username and password, for which you want to turn on Consumer Apps.
  16. List Owner's Responsibilities
    A list owner is entrusted with its members’ personal information (email address and name), and this carries certain responsibilities with regards to ensuring privacy and security. You must determine what level of security is most appropriate fo
  17. Sensitive Information Paper Document Disposal
    Sensitive information is defined in UH Policy E2.214 and includes information like social security number, student records, health information, personal financial information, drivers license numbers, etc. If sensitive UH information is disclosed it
  18. Getting setup for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    Step 1: Decide which method of authentication you wish to use Step 2: Decide which two devices you want to use ITS strongly recommends that you setup at least two devices for MFA. This is so that if one of your devices becomes unavailabl
  19. ITS Template Guide
    1. Save the template that you want to use from the index page onto your computer For Macs: go to “File” and then to “Download Linked File.” For Windows: right click and go to “Save Target As.” Imm
  20. Where can I find documentation for SAS software?
    Documentation for SAS software is available in many formats including an HTML-based online library, a PDF version and SAS books. For the latest information, go to
  21. UH Student Account Information
    Creating Your UH Account You may request your UH Username online from the UH Username Management page by clicking on the "Get a UH Username!" link. Your UH Username should be ready within six minutes. Most services, such as MyUH, will be a
  22. Emailing a Form from the hosted web servers
    Previously, we offered a perl script,, to email a form. But, for security reasons, that script has been removed from our servers. Instead, we suggest you use the "mailto:" action of an HTML form: The "mailto:" action
  23. Digitally Signing PDFs using Acrobat DC
    Electronic or digital signing must adhere to University policies, including EP 2.218. Using a Digital ID to sign a PDF What is a Digital ID? A digital ID is like an electronic driver’s license or passport that proves your identity. A digital
  24. UH Staff/Faculty Account Information
    Creating Your UH Account You may request your UH Username online from the UH Username Management page by clicking on the "Get a UH Username!" link. Your UH Username should be ready within six minutes. Most services, such as MyUH, will be a
  25. UH Account Requirements
    Account Eligibility Username Rules and Guidlines Account Eligibility You must be a faculty, staff, or registered student with University of Hawai'i to obtain a UH Username. Emerti faculty and UH affiliates are also allowed. Your UH U
  26. UH Affiliate Account Information
    Creating Your UH Account Before you can get your UH Username from the online request system, ITS requires a memo from your sponsoring UH department or office on departmental letterhead identifying you and officially requesting that you have access t
  27. UH Account Management and Changes
    You must activate your UH account before you can use your UH Email (Note: This was called an UH Email Account previous to September 2004). After your UH account is activated, your email address is your UH username with (e.g. the username
  28. Safari Information (Mac)
    General Information "The best browser for your Mac is the one that comes with your Mac. Safari is faster and more energy efficient than other browsers, so sites are more responsive and your notebook battery lasts longer between charges. Built-i
  29. Which web browsers are supported for Google@UH Gmail?
    Web browsers supported by Google includes, but is not limited to: FireFox 2.0 and higher Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher Safari 3.0 and higher Other supported browsers Please note that even though Google's brow
  30. Personal Home Page Policies
    The server that the UH Personal Home Pages resides on is administered by Information Technology Services (ITS) and is intended to allow faculty, staff, and students space to create personal home pages. We wish to retain the ability to publish pages f
  31. UH ITS SurveyShare
    UH SurveyShare √ SurveyShare Features √ Request a SurveyShare Account √ Institutional Review Board √ Broadcasting √ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) √ Resources √ Contact Information The Universit
  32. What is Offline mode in Google@UH Gmail?
    Offline mode allows users to access their email with no or limited internet access. Any changes you make to your account or emails you send will take effect once you have a good and stable internet connection. In this mode you will not receive any me
  33. ITS Data Backup Policy
    The following information is provided to help users of Information Technology Services (ITS) systems understand the nature of the ITS backup procedures and the availability of information beyond the date on which it is deleted by the users. ITS back
  34. Purchasing Computers for UH Departments
    This article Askus 1264 is intended for UH departmental computer purchases. UH departments may use either the NASPO ValuePoint (formerly NASPO-WSCA) Contract Price List 15-05 or follow UH Small Purchasing procedures (APM A8.250). The State Procureme
  35. Google@UH Consumer Apps FAQ
    Under an agreement with Google, the University of Hawaii (UH) offers two types of Google applications through Google@UH: Core applications (Core Apps) and Consumer applications (Consumer Apps). To use the Consumer Apps with your Google@UH account, yo
  36. Adding a Page Counter to your Personal Homepage
    ITS has installed a simple system for tracking page visits, and for displaying visit counts. There are two steps: Add the string: <!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/counter"--> to your page. Set the "executable&quo
  37. Setting up UHM Wireless on Windows 11
      These instructions are for setting up access to the UHM broadcasted wireless SSID at the UH-Manoa campus when using Windows 11. Press Windows key + I key to open the Settings.   Select Network & internet from the ch
  38. Student Conduct Code
    The following is a list of Student Conduct Codes for the various campuses within the University of Hawaii system. UH Mānoa: UH Hilo:
  39. IT Policy and Guidelines: UH Manoa Wireless Networks
    As with all shared resources of the University, policies and guidelines are established to ensure equitable and reliable access to limited resources for all members of the University community. The UH Manoa network infrastructure is considered to be
  40. Counter for UH Department Pages (Count.cgi)
    Note: Only University of Hawaii departments with directories on the ITS server (accessible via will be able to use this counter. Personal home pages ( and those on other servers will not be
  41. Virtual Server: File Level Backup Policy
    The following information is provided to help virtual server customers of Information Technology Services (ITS) Managed Services understand the nature of the backup procedures if they choose the ITS offered backup service. Virtual servers are requi
  42. Could you please point me to some basic steps on how to operate the point and click version of SAS? If not, which book should I buy?
    Here's two resources.1. Start up SAS 8.2. Click at the top of the windows on "Solutions" then "Analysis" then "Analyst". The Analyst Application will open. Now click on "Help" and then "Using this Window". The Analyst Application reference book is l
  43. Creating Personal Homepages
    Welcome to Creating Personal Homepages. One of the privileges of having a UH Username is that you are allowed to create a personal homepage in your account that is viewable to the world. PLEASE READ! Pages which include offensive images or sounds
  44. Be Cyber-Savvy
      Computer technology is continually advancing at an energetic pace, and the Internet can be a dangerous place if you are caught unaware! To help you become Cyber-Savvy, UH Information Technology Services has developed some tips to help keep
  45. Approval letter template for requesting the use of a domain name on the UH network
    <insert campus/division logo here> <date> TO:        <name>            <Chancellor | Vice President> FROM:    
  46. IT POLICY: UH System Level Domain Names
    UH system level units and programs as well as multi-campus programs and initiatives may request a system level domain name in the form: All other units, programs and initiatives must create their subdomain in their respective c
  47. Kuali Financial System (KFS)
    Please refer to the FMO website for more information on the Kuali Financial System (KFS):
  48. As a parent or guardian how do I pay the tuition for my son/daughter online?
    Parents and guardians who have been set up as an Authorized User may logon to: with their email address and password. Information about being setup as an Authorized User can be found on
  49. Virtual Server: ITS Customer Backup Policy (non-ITS Backup Solution)
    This is a summary of the ITS Customer Backup Policy if customers choose NOT to have their servers backed up by ITS and have their own backup solution. ITS now requires backups for all Virtual Servers. For customers seeking a backup solution outside
  50. Respondus (Quiz creation tool - Windows)
    Respondus is a Microsoft Windows based tool  for the offline creation and management of exams which can then be exported for use in Laulima (as QTI zip) or printed.  ITS has licensed Respondus for University Faculty and Staff use.  M
  51. Open Source Software Alternatives
    This is a brief list of open source software alternatives for paid consumer software suites and applications. The information is provided for convenience and does not implicitly or explicitly constitute an endorsement or recommendation for any of the
  52. IT POLICY: UH System Level Website Domain Names
    UH system level units and programs as well as multi-campus programs and initiatives may request a system level URL. All UH System URL requests will be categorized within a logical site structure, be it organizational (unit, department, office) or th
  53. Securing Network Printers and Multi-Function Devices
    Network Printers and Multi-Function Devices (MFD) are common in offices because they provide the ability to copy, print, scan, and fax from one central machine that is shared by many. The MFD's typically store information and are connected to the ne
  54. Thunderbird Information (PC)
    General Information Thunderbird, a free email application, allows you to receive, send, and read your electronic mail on your computer. Minimum System Requirements A PC running Windows 10 or later An Intel Pentium 4 or newer (Core i5, 3
  55. What can I do about spam?
    Look over your Inbox and manually delete messages that seem suspicious before you begin reading your new messages. Examples of suspicious messages include: messages with missing or strange subject lines messages with att
  56. Winmail.dat attachments
    When using Microsoft Outlook to send messages with Rich Text Formatting, the recipient receives an attachment called Winmail.dat which cannot be opened. The Winmail.dat attachment includes formatting instructions specific to Rich Text Formatting. To
  57. Creating/Importing Quiz Questions in Laulima via copy and paste from a Word document
    The Tests & Quizzes tool allows for the import (copy and paste from a Word document) of test questions.  Types of questions that can be imported include multiple-choice, true-false, fill-in-the-blank, short essay, and multiple-choice with mo
  58. Eduroam Wireless for UH Manoa
    The University of Hawai‘i is a member of the eduroam community of research and education institutions who share network resources among its users by allowing visitors access to its campus Wi-Fi. UH faculty, staff, and students who visi
  59. Adobe Reader Information (PC)
    General Information Adobe Reader, available free from Adobe, allows you to view and print files saved in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf). To create PDFs, including form-fillable PDFs, use Adobe Acrobat or another PDF creator software of your c
  60. Network Etiquette
    Certain situations call for proper protocol to be observed. In bowling, one does not interrupt the person bowling in adjacent lanes by throwing the ball while they are already in the process of doing so. In tennis, returning a ball that is obviously
  61. What is new in LISTSERV 17.x?
    LISTSERV 17.0 is the latest major release of L-Soft's email list management software. The main new features include: Brand New Web Interface [Tips on new interface] The web interface has been completely redesigned for dramatically improved user-fri
  62. Protecting Sensitive Information at UH
    The University of Hawai?i (UH) is an extensive and multifaceted organization dedicated to the highest standards of scholarship and service, which requires an open flow of information and communication. Unfortunately, over the last decade, the emergen
  63. UH Computer Anti-Virus and Threat Prevention Information
    University of Hawaii (UH) Information Technology Services (ITS) provides software, services, and technical support to protect the UH community against computer viruses and security threats: Anti-virus software provided for UH faculty, staff an
  64. UH and the NASPO ValuePoint (WSCA) contract
    The State Procurement Office (SPO) issued a new SPO Price List Contract No. 15-05 named "NASPO ValuePoint Computer Equipment including Related Peripherals and Services", effective Oct. 1, 2015 through March 31, 2020. SPO contract 15-05 repl
  65. Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability Information for System Administrators
    On April 7, 2014, a serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library was exposed. This weakness, dubbed The Heartbleed Bug, allows a remote attacker to access system memory which may contain encryption keys, user credentials or
  66. Thunderbird Information (Mac)
    General Information Thunderbird, a free email application, allows you to receive, send, and read your electronic mail on your computer. Minimum System Requirements A Macintosh running macOS 10.9* or later An Intel x86 processor
  67. Web Hosting and Publishing
    Welcome to the Web Publishing page. You can create a personal homepage or if you represent an official university entity, you can request Web space on our server for a departmental Web page. Follow the resources below to get started or to enhance yo
  68. Budgeting for Departmental Computers
    Departments should expect to spend between $800-$1200 per CPU. Plan on upgrading CPU's every three to four years. Departments should annually budget enough to upgrade a third or fourth of existing computers. By upgrading a fraction of departmental co
  69. Secure Logins using SSH/SSL
    Overview The University of Hawaii Information Technology Services (ITS) has implemented Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) logins to the University's servers. Using these protocols will encrypt information being passed
  70. Getting Help for Google@UH Gmail
    Google has very good online help articles. Click on the Help button in the upper right corner of the screen, then click on the topic in which you have interest. Or browse directly to  You may also contact the ITS
  71. I have to see a campus representative to reset my password. Where can I find a list of campus representatives?
    A list of campus representatives is available online at
  72. Getting Started with Departmental Pages
    As a UH Department, your staff can have access to the Information Technology Services (ITS) Web servers for putting departmental information online. Getting Space The recommended method for doing this is to have someone in the department who is alr
  73. What is spam?
    Spam is unsolicited email messages sent to your account. Spam is also referred to as "unsolicited commercial email" and "unsolicited bulk email". They range from harmless advertising to potentially offensive (complete with picture
  74. UH POLICY: Non-EDU Domain Names on UH Network
    University of Hawaii units are expected to use a domain name for all services provided through the UH network.  This makes it clear that the University is providing the resources to support the service.  Non-University activities
  75. How do I get more help for Google@UH Calendar?
    Google has extensive documentation on their calendar here: If you need further assistance with Google@UH Calendar, please contact the ITS Help Desk.
  76. Getting Help for Google@UH Sites
    Google has very good online help articles.  In Google Sites, click on the Help button in the upper right corner of the screen, then click on the topic in which you have interest.  You can browse directly to
  77. What is ITS doing about spam?
    Google uses a combination of algorithms and reporting tools to protect against spam, viruses, and phishing attacks. Using the same advanced computing infrastructure as its search engine, along with a vast community of users, Google touts having one o
  78. Online Services for 'Ohana
    ‘Ohana is Hawaiian for "extended family" and is very inclusive. At the University of Hawaii, ‘Ohana refers to the group of individuals consisting of alumni, former faculty or staff, and former University department affiliates wh
  79. How does the Meridian Integrated Conference Bridge Work?
    To use the Meridian Integrated Conference Bridge, the participants dial a pre-assigned phone number, enter a password, and are prompted to "speak their name". A conference can begin two minutes before the specified time and an individual ma
  80. Virtual Server: How to Request and Install an SSL Certificate
    Summary If you are a valid UH ITS VMware Hosted Customer, you are entitled to a 1-year SSL Certificate at no cost. Procedure Information about the InCommon SSL certificate can be found at InCommon Certificate Program:UH ITS VMWare Hosted Customer
  81. Recycling Electronic Devices SECURELY!
    To promote sustainability and conservation of our resources, UH Information Technology Services is coordinating periodic recycling drives for electronic devices for the University of Hawaii System (
  82. ITS Documents Archive
    NOTE: The documents on this page are provided for historical and referential purposes only, and users should be aware that some of the information contained within these documents may no longer be accurate. ITS is not maintaining any of these documen
  83. ITS Documents
    NOTE: Some documents are available in multiple format. Alternate document formats include:        [HTML] - The document is in HTML format and may contain embedded graphics.        [PDF] - The docume
  84. Installing and Using Find_SSNs on Linux and Solaris
    This article is intended for Facutly/Staff who may have certain types of PI (personal information) located on a computer, running the Linux or Solaris operating systems. Overview: Find_SSNs is a piece of software written in python at VirginiaTech t
  85. Encryption using VeraCrypt
    In this article are instructions on the use of the external drive encryption software from VeraCrypt. VeraCrypt works across Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux ( Table of Contents
  86. Spam at the University of Hawaii
    Spam on the Google@UH email service is managed by Google. Email messages that Google deems highly likely to be spam will not be delivered to your mailbox and are instead placed in the folder labeled "Spam" (or "Gmail/Spam" if usin
  87. Even with all this, I still receive spam!
    Spammers are very aggressive in finding new ways to get their spam through any protective measures. ITS is making a concerted effort to isolate spam email before you receive it. But given differences in perception, there will never be a way to automa
  88. Why am I getting all this spam?
    Spammers (the people who send spam) "harvest" email addresses from various places. If you have done anything on the Internet at all (register a software product, participated in a online discussion board), your address could potentially be
  89. UH Server Registration Program
    Annual Device Registration Requirements All servers (such as email, web, FTP, or other file services) operating on the University of Hawaiʻi network must be: Reported in the Device Registration database Continually scanned and remed
  90. The UH Identity Management System
    The University of Hawai'i Identity Management System (UHIMS) collects and consolidates information concerning people associated with the University so that UH may better establish and manage a single, permanent identity for each person. This unique i
  91. Getting Help for Google@UH Drive
    Google has very detailed online help articles.  In Google Drive, click on Settings  in the upper right corner of the screen, then select Help. Alternatively, you can browse directly to
  92. Adobe Reader Information (Mac)
    General Information Adobe Reader, available free from Adobe, allows you to view and print files saved in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf). To create PDFs, including form-fillable PDFs, use Adobe Acrobat or another PDF creator software of your ch
  93. Server Side Includes (SSI)
    Server Side Includes (SSI) is a simple interpreted server-side scripting language used for webpages. The most common use of SSI is to include the contents of one or more files that are hosted on a web server into a single webpage. To include the con
  94. Security (or lack of it) on the Internet
    The modern age of surfing the internet has produced many ways for unwanted email (spam) to get to you. Some are annoying by sending you unwanted information about a product being sold, but others more recently are highly invasive with potential of id
  95. Hitman Email - a Variation of Phishing Emails
    ITS has received a few reports of people receiving a threatening email in which the sender claims to have received a contract to kill the recipient.This type of message is a phishing email - and yes, it's very scary to receive some thing of that natu
  96. McAfee compatibility on macOS Mojave 10.14 and later
    How has the installation procedure for new installs changed with newer versions of macOS? Starting with macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and extending to macOS 10.15 (Catalina), when an application tries to enable a system extension during installati
  97. Trouble connecting an email client to Google@UH Gmail
    If experiencing problems connecting your email client to Google@UH Gmail, please attempt the following: Ensure that IMAP/POP is enabled for your Google@UH Gmail account. Refer to Ask Us 1147 for instructions on doing this. Verify that you
  98. Frequently Asked Questions About Adding Information to UHINFO
    Information on the Web becomes part of UHINFO when it's stored or linked into the central information servers on campus. Many colleges, schools, and departments run servers and the Information Technology Services (ITS) office also maintains several c
  99. Secure Document Destruction
    When disposing of paper documents that contain sensitive information, it is best to ensure that they are securely destroyed by shredding. When storing and transporting documents to be shredded, there are some important steps you can take to ensure th
  100. How do I enable my personal webpage?
    If you do not already have a webpage on UHUNIX, you can login with your UH Username and password to the Managing Your UH Username page and click on Create Home Page under the Personal Home Page Options section. If you already have a webpage on UHUNI
  101. If you suspect that your account has been compromised...
    With the recent increase of phishing scams and a few instances of people replying to these scams, please follow these basic instructions to secure your UH Username. Call our ITS Help Desk to report the possible compromise and to get further assistanc
  102. Physical Device Security
    The security of your data is only as good as the amount of physical access someone has to it. Most common security measures such as firewalls and passwords will be rendered useless if someone gains physical access to your device. With laptops getting
  103. Virtual Server: How to Install and Configure Backups (Bacula) on a RHEL Server
    SUMMARY The Bacula Enterprise Edition (BEE) backup service is the optional daily backup service listed in the ITS VMware Hosted Solutions page. Backups are file level only. If you are a virtual server customer and have purchased the daily
  104. PC Energy Savings Guideline
    UH has over 10,000 networked personal computers to support teaching, research and administration. PCs and other electronic office equipment, such as printers and scanners, collectively consume significant amounts of energy. Fortunately, there are way
  105. UH File Drop
    What is UH File Drop? UH File Drop is a service for the UH community for allowing transfer of large files (up to 999MB) to others in UH and/or people unaffiliated with the University. It is recognized that there is a growing need within the
  106. ITS Service Level Agreement - Virtual Server Hosting Service
    Description The Virtual Server Hosting Service provides the UH community with access to virtual servers running a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or a Microsoft Windows operating system. ITS utilizes a VMware cluster for the provisioning of the virt
  107. Anti-Spyware Solution for Your PC
    The following anti-spyware solutions are for PCs running the Windows operating system. ITS recommends the following anti-spyware solutions for your PC depending on where and who owns the computer. Unlike anti-virus software, you may install more then
  108. How Do I Set a Footer(Bottom Banner) in LISTSERV?
    Bottom banner templates allow you to include a footer on each message sent to a list. The DEFAULT_BOTTOM_BANNER and DEFAULT_BOTTOM_BANNER_HTML templates provided include a link that subscribers can click on to easily unsubscribe f
  109. NIH "" account signup required by Sep 15 to use services
    The Federal Government is rolling out a centralized portal,, to provide secure access to all government agencies through a single username/password with two-factor authentication. Users of eRA Commons, ASSIST, and other NIH services
  110. ITS Computer Support Policy
    The Information Technology Services (ITS) Client Service and Operations Center section provides technical support via email, telephone, and walk-in to UH faculty, staff and students systemwide through the ITS Help Desk. Contact the ITS Help Desk fo
  111. Using Attachments in Google@UH Gmail
    It is possible to send files to another person by attaching them to email messages. These files are referred to as attachments . Any kind of computer file can be an attachment: a word processing file, a spreadsheet, a database, an audio or video file
  112. Creating a Custom Search Engine (CSE) / Create a Search Box for Your Department
    Method A:  To create a search that will display the results on the same page, use a Custom Search Engine (CSE). There are many options for a CSE. These instructions will get you started with a basic CSE. Login to
  113. Dialing Instructions
    ON CAMPUS, to call: 956 and 957 prefix numbers (on-campus):  Enter the last 5 digits of the 7 digit number Campus Operator:  Enter 0 For after hours repair/trouble, enter 65000 and leave a message.
  114. Setting up Dreamweaver with secure FTP (sFTP)
    Contents Notes on departmental websites under UH Hosted Website Service Creating a new website profile Managing an existing website profile   Notes on departmental websites under UH Hosted Website Service This
  115. How Do I Set a Mail Template in LISTSERV?
    You can create or modify templates to customize informational messages from the LISTSERV processor. Mail templates do not modify the contents or style of mail sent to a list or through the newsletter feature. Note: The following sections make use of
  116. What are the available options in Google@UH Calendar?
    To access the Google@UH Calendar options, click on the "Settings" link in the upper right corner of the calendar window, then select "Calendar settings".  Be sure to click on the "Save" button to save any changes yo
  117. Securing your Computer
    If your computer has been compromised, Information Technology Services (ITS) reserves the right to block your IP/MAC Address from connecting to the network in order to protect the integrity of the University of Hawaii network. Information on getting
  118. UH Username End of Life - Saving Email and Personal Webpages (Windows)
    This document is for users who are no longer affiliated with UH, and who have received a notice that they have 180 day grace period before their email and personal webpage data are removed from the UH servers. The following instructions show you
  119. Getting Your PC Unblocked on the UH Network
    The following information pertains only to computers utilizing a Windows-based operating system that have become infected with a virus and that are on the UH Network. Detecting and Removing Viruses Virus infection is a common reason a computer c
  120. ITS Service Level Agreement - Co-Location Service
    What is “Co-Location?” “Co-Location” is an ITS service that allows departments and researchers at the University of Hawaii to locate and operate their computing hardware inside professionally maintained data centers on the Ma
  121. Phishing at UH
    What is phishing (pronounced "fishing")? From Wikipedia: phishing is "the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustwort
  122. Browser Recommendations for ITS-Supported Web Applications
    Browser Recommendations The following browser recommendations are for ITS-supported web applications and are based on coordinated testing efforts between the ITS Help Desk and the developers for various ITS-supported web applications. Because of the
  123. Virtual Server: How to Connect Your ITS-Hosted RHEL 7 Virtual Server to an ITS Private Network
    OVERVIEW Sometimes in order to access certain services offered by UH Information Technology Services (ITS) from your ITS-hosted virtual server, you will need to have access to an ITS private network. The instructions in this article give you ins
  124. Disposal Guidelines For Unused UH-Owned Computer Equipment
    This document is intended to assist University of Hawai‘i departments who wish to dispose of computer equipment that may still be useful to others. These guidelines are not intended to replace any Administrative Procedures, so be sure to consul
  125. Accessing LISTSERV via the Web
    This article provides a quick tour of the list management areas of the web interface. For more information about each page, refer to the online documentation by clicking on the question mark in the top-right corner. Some common tasks have been includ
  126. Telecommunication Services Rate Schedule July 1, 2014
    For more information contact the Information Technology Services  - Telecom User Services  Office at 956-6033 or email Telephone Services Service Package
  127. Virtual Server: How to install and configure backups (Bacula Enterprise) on a Windows Server
    SUMMARY: The Bacula backup service is the optional daily backup service listed in the ITS VMware Hosted Solutions page. Backups are FILE LEVEL only. If you are a VM customer and have purchased this service, a client will need to be configured on yo