Functions in a advisory capacity to recommend policy and advise on all aspects relating to plans, proposals, projects and activities in all areas of the UHM campus outdoor environment. 
The Landscape Advisory Committee members collectively employ a wide range of academic expertise to help attain high quality in all aspects of the outdoor environment and provides oversight, assessment, and evaluation of all activities that impact this environment.
   • Serves as the primary advocate for the campus of the University of Hawai`i at Manoa.
   • Promotes an attractive and appropriate campus environment that encourages and fosters positive academic and social interactions.
   • Evaluates and encourages the functional and aesthetic organization of outdoor spaces and all they include.
   • Reviews existing practices and plans for landscape modifications to promote appropriate design, maintenance of the long-term health of the plants, and the overall development of a landscape that supports the function and sustainability of a major research university.
   • Fosters the adoption of landscape practices that are water and energy efficient.
   • Develops projects that maintain the historic and educational landscape features of the campus.