Re-Discovering a Forgotten Treasure:

the Georg von Békésy Collection of Art Books

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Selected art objects

Jug of gold
Height 18 cm; weight 435 grs.
2300-2100 B.C.
Central Anatolia, probably Alaca Hüyük.

Bust of bronze
Height 24.4; wideth 17.8; thickness 8.1 cm.
4th century A.D. Sasanian.

Polychrome painted dish of glazed pottery
Diameter 25.5 cm
Late 16th or early 17th century

Calligraphy: Handscroll
Length 1072 cm; width 41.5 cm.
Ming dynasty. Signed Chu Yun-ming (1460-1526).

The Green Tara. Sculpture of gilt bronze
Height 12 cm.
17th-18th century.

Ewer of negoro lacquer
Height 37.5 cm.
Momoyama period. Late 16th century.

Three album leaves painted in lacquer colours on paper
Width 17 cm; height 19 cm.
By Shibata ZESHIN (1807-1891).

Gold statuette
Height 8.9 cm.

Wooden dance mask
Height 52.0 cm.
Eastern Bapende tribe, western Zaire.