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Welcome to the UH GENETICS, EVOLUTIONARY and MOLECULAR biology (GEM) website. The GEM site is located at the University of Hawaii in the Manoa Valley of Oahu. You can either view a general set of maps of Hawaii, an interactive mapping engine (here you can zoom in or out from East Oahu) , or you can specifically go to a campus map for UH Manoa. You can also see the most recent satellite view of the Pacific east of Hawaii.


We aim to serve as a source of information for those interested in what the University of Hawaii offers in these areas of research and education (see also the Peterson's Guide for general information on the UH and its various training programs), while also providing biologists at UH a compendium of website pointers to the outside world.


If you prefer, try the UH GEM gopher site, which has many text documents and announcements of interest to the local UH biology community, as well as pointers to Gopher sites of biological interest. You can also pursue more general searches for biology. For a broad search of science in general, be sure to check in at Yahoo. If you are a teacher or precollege student, try K-12 for some special science links. Finally, there is also a page of Links for Medicine.


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