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The Biography Monographs scholarly book series features both reference works with broad appeal to generalists, and volumes by specialists in biographical studies. Edited and produced by the Center for Biographical Research, the monographs are published and distributed by the University of Hawai‘i Press.

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The following monographs are available through UH Press. Please click through each link for more information.

The Value of Hawai‘i: Knowing the Past, Shaping the Future (2010), edited by Jon Osorio and Craig Howes. More information can also be found at The Value of Hawai‘i website:

On Diary (2009), by Philippe Lejeune, edited by Jeremy D. Popkin and Julie Rak.

Talking Hawai‘i’s Story: Oral Histories of an Island People (2009), edited by Michiko Kodama-Nishimoto, Warren S. Nishimoto, and Cynthia J. Oshiro.

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The following monographs are available via CBR.
Please contact biograph[at] for more information.

The Visitable Past: A Wartime Memoir (2000), by Leon Edel.

From Kona to Yenan: The Political Memoirs of Koji Ariyoshi (2000), edited by Alice M. and Edward D. Beechert.

Life-Writing: A Glossary of Terms in Biography, Autobiography, and Related Forms (1995), by Donald J. Winslow. Second edition.

John Reinecke: The Autobiography of a Gentle Activist (1993), edited by Alice M. and Edward D. Beechert.

Called from Within: Early Women Lawyers of Hawaii (1992), edited by Mari Matsuda.

The Autobiographical Writings of Lewis Mumford: A Study in Literary Audacity (1988), by Frank Novak, Jr.

Essaying Biography: A Celebration for Leon Edel (1986), edited with a Foreword by Gloria Fromm. Essays by Sir Rupert Hart-Davis, Leon Edel, Adeline Tintner, Muriel Shine, Harvena Richter, Gay Wilson Allen, Viola Hopkins Winner, John Tytell, Jean Strouse, Gavan Daws, and William Laskowski, Jr.

New Directions in Biography (1981), edited with a Foreword by Anthony Friedson. Essays by Phyllis Auty, Michael Holroyd, Noel Manganyi, Gabriel Merle, Margot Peters, and Shoichi Saeki.

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