Life Writing Study at UH Mānoa

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English 311: Autobiographical Writing

Writing clear effective prose based on the writer's own experiences and ideas.

English 364: Non-fiction Prose

Basic concepts of and representative texts for the study of non-fiction prose such as essays, biographies, speeches, political and legal documents, conversion and captivity narratives, testimonials, science writing, and travel writing.

English 464: Studies in Life Writing

Intensive study of forms and theories of life writing in forms such as biographies, autobiographies, oral histories, diaries, journals, letters, film, drama, and portraiture. Repeatable once.

English 751: Seminar in Life Writing:

Intensive study of critical and theoretical issues raised by various forms of life writing (biography, autobiography, oral histories, diaries, etc.) and of their history and methodology. Repeatable once.

English Advising

  • CBR offers thesis and committee advising for University of Hawaii M.A. and Ph.D. students concentrating in Biography
  • The Director of the CBR guides University of Hawaii students in directed readings

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