The UH Business Process Council was convened in Fall 2003 with representation from all system-wide constituencies in central offices and user communities. The BPC was given a long-term assignment to recommend improvements in UH business processes across all areas, and the initial specific task of recommending a direction for the future of UH financial management information systems.

Based on the BPC report on the Future of UH Financial Management Information Systems, the UH Board of Regents approved the acquisition of a new server to run the legacy FMIS application in a supported operating environment for its expected lifetime. In addition, the University of Hawaii became a founding member of what has become the Kuali Foundation and Kuali Financial System Project to implement a new community source financial management system for higher education.

The BPC both initiates and serves as an information clearinghouse for projects that are intended to improve UH business processes.

Project Status
FMIS No longer in production as of July 2012. Final data migration activities underway and scheduled for completion June 2013.
Kuali Financial System (KFS) Project KFS Phase I was implemented in July 2012 with the support of President Greenwood and the UH community.
Peoplesoft HRMS  Version 8.8 in production at UH (November 2004).  Work is underway on migration to version 9.
e-Commerce Market leader Touchnet was selected through a competitive procurement as the UH e-Commerce vendor to provide student bill presentation, installment payment, and collection services. It can also be used to securely support other e-Commerce activities such as conference registration or sales of UH goods & services.  Touchnet went into production during Summer 2007.
eRA (electronic Research Administration) Kuali Coeus, a community source member of the Kuali family based on the widely-used MIT Coeus software, was put into full production at UH during Spring 2012.
e-Travel A new simplified Travel APM (A8.851) was released in April 2011.

Work is underway to interface eTravel with KFS including use of Kuali Rice Workflow and scheduled for release in July 2014.

The Spring 2006 BPC recommendations on improvements in policy and practice have largely been implemented.
Leave Accounting Online Leave system, utilizing Kuali Rice Workflow, finished implementation across the UH System in December 2011.
RCUH HR Data into UH HR Datamart RCUH HR data is now available in the UH HR datamart for use by UH financial managers.
Student Employment / Cooperative Education All student timesheets are done online through the SECE application. Development of a unified electronic timesheet application named Timesheet & Payment System (TAPS) is underway to include casual and overload employees. The first phase of TAPS was released in June 2012.
Automated Payroll Feeds The electronic Payroll Change Schedule (ePCS) was completed in 2011 and provides an automated feed from PeopleSoft to the UH Payroll Office to the State of Hawaii DAGS Payroll system, eliminating multiple manual data entry processes.
Consolidation of University Records of Employees (CURE)
Casual and Overload employee records were loaded into PeopleSoft in June 2012.

The full BPC can be reached by email at: