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How to Apply
The University of Hawaii system shares the same application database. Therefore, one application form can be used to apply to any of the UH campuses.

Submit your Application by:

  • Online Application, OR
  • Paper Application (Download and submit by mail. Send to the admissions office of the campus you are applying to, addresses are listed in the application)

Application Deadlines
Check the UH system application for a list of deadlines at each campus. Also check out the Academic Calendar for a list of important dates and deadlines.

Application Checklist:

1. Completed Application Form
2. Application Fee (each campus varies, see UH system application)
3. High School Transcript (required for most programs, see UH system application)
4. Other Official Transcripts (all school transcripts are required for Hilo, Manoa and West Oahu campuses)
5. Official Test Scores (ACT or SAT score(s) are required by UH Hilo, UH Manoa, and UH West Oahu if you have less than 24 semester credit hours from a regionally accredited U.S. college in courses equivalent to courses at that campus. UH Manoa requires a writing test.
6. Degree Certification (for post-baccalaureate unclassified graduate status at UH Hilo and UH Manoa).
7. Health Clearance-Tuberculosis and MMR (Measles, mumps and rubella) are required of all students prior to registration.

NOTE: The System Application Form cannot be used to apply for financial aid or campus housing. Obtain proper forms from the Financial Aid and/or Housing Office of the campus to which you are applying.


Admissions Information by Campus:
Visit your campus admissions website to learn more about requirements and what types of academic programs are offered:

Eligibility Requirements for Community Colleges
To be eligible to enroll at a UH community college, you must be 18 or older, OR have earned a high school diploma or equivalency (this means if you are 24 and don’t have a high school diploma you can still apply at UH community colleges).

In general, an eligible transfer student is someone who has enrolled for college credit after leaving high school and has earned 24 UH transferrable credits. If you have earned less than 24 UH equivalent semester credits, you must submit your high school transcripts, SAT/ACT scores and college transcripts. Consult with your campus admissions office and/or an academic advisor for more detailed information.

Follow the link to see Transfer Requirements by Campus.

Resources for Transfer Students:

Follow the link to see a complete list of degrees & programs at each campus.

Click here, for additional admissions information and requirements.

Cost of Attendance
For a break down of estimated costs of attendance including: tuition, room & board, and books & supplies, see Tuition & Fees. For more detailed tution information for both regular semester and summer session, see Tuition Schedule.

Declaring Residency Status
There is a significant difference in resident and non-resident tuition rates. Residents are entitled to reduced tuition rates. Be sure to fill out the Residency Declaration Form which is included in both the online and paper UH system application.

NOTE: Citizens of most Pacific Island Nations also qualifiy for reduced tuition rates, see Hawaii Residency Requirements for more information.


New Student Checklist:

  • Apply for Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Apply for Housing (UH Manoa & UH Hilo only)
  • Schedule a Campus Tour
  • Submit Health Clearance
  • Submit Final Transcripts
  • Check your Star Report (for transfer credits, AP, IB, CLEP)
  • Visit with an Academic Advisor
  • Sign up for Placement Exams
  • Register for Classes
  • Pay Tuition
  • Buy Textbooks
  • Get your Student ID
  • Explore Transportation Options
  • Find a Job (Either on- or off-campus)

Enrollment Options
Every UH campus allows part-time and full-time enrollment. Keep in mind that financial aid awards and most scholarships are based on enrollment. Admitted students are allowed to register for classes at any UH campus through MyUH Portal, however students are responsible for making sure courses they enroll in are transferrable and later transferred to the campus they are seeking a degree. Online and evening classes are typically offered at each campus.

Online Classes & Distance Learning
Distance learning, or enrolling in online classes, is a convenient option for many students. Admitted students have the option of registering for online classes at any UH campus through MyUH Portal. Students should be aware before registering which courses are transferrable as well as any additional registration or attendance requirements. Questions about registering for online classes should be directed to the Admissions & Records Offices of your home campus.

NOTE: Online classes alone do not equate to an online degree. Be sure you understand how enrolling in online classes will contribute to your overall degree program.

Follow the link to see the Online Course Listings.
Click on the link for more information about Online Degree/Certificate Programs offered through UH.

NOTE: While it is possible to register for classes at other UH campuses, be aware that:
  1. If you are exempt from the non-resident tuition differential at UHM you may be required to pay non-resident tuition at another campus.
  2. Courses offered at other institutions may not transfer, even if the course numbers are the same.
  3. Registration policies and procedures may vary. Please consult with the campus offering the course.



Before registering for classes, meet with your academic advisor to review your degree/major requirements and get help with selecting courses.

An Academic Advisor can help you with:
1. Registering for Classes
2. Declaring a Major
3. Arranging Placement Testing

Advising Information by Campus:


Financial aid processing begins by filling out the U.S. Dept. of Education’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Most campus financial aid programs require students to begin by filling out a FAFSA.

January 1 FAFSA applications available
March 1 Priority Filing Date

APPLY EARLY (before written acceptance from the university) using your previous year’s tax information and indicate your campus federal school code (find by visiting your campus financial aid website). This will ensure that your FAFSA information is sent directly to your campus and will help secure funding before it is fully dispersed for the academic year. Remember, grant funds are limited and expended quickly. File ON-TIME to ensure full consideration.

Note: Mid-year applicants have until April of the current academic year (Aug-May) to apply.

To complete the FAFSA you will need:

  • A copy of your 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ
  • State or local income tax return
  • Names of and/or federal school code for the institution you are attending or applying to
  • Driver’s License # (if any)
  • US Permanent Resident # (if not U.S. Citizen)

Note: Once you have been accepted at the University of Hawai‘i, contact your financial aid office and your program department (if known) to find out about any additional types of financial assistance.

Repairing/Renewing Financial Aid Eligibility
If you have defaulted or are delinquent on federal student loans, you will need to take steps to renew your eligibility. Download Legal Aid Society of Hawaii's excellent PDF on addressing default & delinquencies. If you need additional assistance after reviewing the PDF, contact your financial aid office (see below) or the BTH Coordinator ( Keep in mind the process will take some time, and you may not be eligible for aid your first semester back, however it can be done!


For information about applying for scholarships, visit our Scholarships page under the Resources menu of our SPAM website. See below for links to various scholarships websites.

UH Scholarships:
UH STAR Scholarships-
STAR online database available year-round
; Application period is Dec-Feb prior to Fall semester (e.g. Jan of 2010 for Fall 2010)
UHM Financial Aid Scholarships
UH Regents Scholarship
UH Presidential Scholarship
UH Foundation Scholarships
UH Mānoa Chancellor’s Scholarship
The Centennial Scholars Program
State of Hawai‘i B Plus Scholarship
UH Mānoa Osher Scholarship
East West Center Scholarships
Women’s Campus Club
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

LOCAL Websites:
Hawaii Community Foundation
*Kamehameha Schools Scholarships
*Ke Ali`i Pauahi Foundation
*Liko A'e Native Hawaiian Scholarship Project
College Connections
The Hawaiian Civic Club of Honolulu
* Gives preference to Native Hawaiian applicants to the extent permitted by law.

NATIONAL Websites:
College Board Scholarship Search
Scholarship Experts
AARP Foundation Women's Scholarship