Web BLS System: Help and Instructions

Web BLS System: Help and Instructions


BLS Updates - Reference Sheet: General/Federal Funds (8/22/2008, PDF) 
BLS Updates - Reference Sheet: Special/Revolving Funds (8/22/2008, PDF)
Source Code Categories (7/15/2009, PDF, 31 KB) 
Object Code Categories (7/15/2009, PDF, 58 KB) 
FY 2005 Initial Financial Plan Memo (8/24/2004, PDF) 

Help and Instructions - Updating Quarterly Expenditure Plan
Expenditure Plan preparations
Have the following information available:

  1. Allocation, quarterly projections for expenditures at the designated levels.
  2. For non General Funds: Prior year balances, Projected quarterly revenue, Projected mandatory & voluntary transfers.
  3. Any comments you wish to enter.

Selecting the plan

  1. Open your web browser to http://www.hawaii.edu/budget/webbls.html
  2. Click the Login link to get to the Login page.
  3. On the Login page, enter your User ID that is used to get into the UH Administrative mainframe system (e.g. FMIS user ID).
  4. Click on designated grouping for which your plan resides.
  5. Click on the first pull down list and highlight major grouping.
  6. With your mouse highlight the target plan.
  7. Point your mouse to the Modify button and click to retrieve the input page.

Inputting the plan

  1. Areas denoted with an asterisk (*) can be modified
  2. Review Campus, MOF, Appropriation for correctness. Change if necessary.
  3. Enter, if necessary the Title and Additional Info.
  4. Enter "Prepared By" using your Last name, First name. The system will allow only designated Budget Officers to updated the "Approved by" box.
  5. Enter annual and quarterly allotments for A & O (totals will automatically calculate). To move from cell to cell use the TAB key or with your mouse click on the cell. Enter whole numbers, do not use ",". To denote negative precede number with "-".
  6. For Non-General Funds, Please enter the Beginning Balance, Projected quarterly revenues, Projected quarterly transfers. The ending fund balance will be automatically calculated.
  7. Enter in any comments which you want to state about the plan.

Update/Saving the plan

  1. Review plan for correctness.
  2. Click on the submit button to send the form containing you data for update.
  3. A message will be returned indicating the status of your plan.
  4. Click Select Plan button to return to the selection page.

Tips, Navigation and Shortcuts

  1. Links are provided to take you back to various levels. They are located at the top and for some on the bottom of each page. You could also use browser's back command.
  2. For long pulldown menu's, you can type in an alphabet and the menu will start from that alphabet. You can also use the up and down arrow to navigate through.
  3. On the input plan page, if you wish to start over again, click on the reset button and the numbers will return to its original values from when your first started.