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Privacy and Security In Cyberspace

October 2, 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Originates from Kuykendall Hall on the UH Manoa campus, broadcast live to HITS sites

In recognition of October as the 10th anniversary of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), UH Information Security Team (InfoSec) member Deanna Pasternak will conduct this workshop which is focused on guidelines for protecting sensitive information. The presentation will include a definition of Sensitive Information (social security numbers, credit card numbers, drivers license numbers, etc.), methods for securing data such as encryption, finding sensitive data that may have been stored and forgotten, backup procedures, the specific laws and policies UH must comply with, and how to ensure that the information is only accessed by parties who should access it. The presentation will also cover many ways to protect your mobile (smart phone), social media (Facebook), Ecommerce (Amazon purchase), web browsing (beware of malware), email (phishing and other threats). These are just some examples of the threats that will be covered.

The workshop will originate from Kuykendall Hall on the UH Manoa campus and broadcast live to select HITS sites throughout the UH system. For more information about UH NCSAM activities and to register for the workshop visit:

The Department of Homeland Security sponsors NCSAM each October in cooperation with the National Cyber Security Alliance; the purpose of the event is to raise awareness and educate everyone about the importance of cyber security in our everyday lives. For more information about the Department of Homeland Security events, please visit:

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Event Sponsor
Information Technology Services, University of Hawaii, University of Hawaii

More Information
Deanna Pasternak, 956-7975,,

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Wednesday, October 2
1:30pm Privacy and Security In Cyberspace
Originates from Kuykendall Hall on the UH Manoa campus, broadcast live to HITS sites
8:00pm Intramurals Flag Football HONCC
Manoa Campus, Ching Field
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