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Your Love Language at Home, School or Work

February 14, 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Leeward Campus, Dap-ayan DA 204

When you see the word “love,” is your first thought about romance? What if you learned that everyone speaks or behaves according to their own “love language,” whether at work or at play?

At this workshop you’ll determine your native love language, interpret how love languages may be demonstrated at home, school or work, and participate in a discussion about effectively communicating in a foreign love language.

Presented by Cori Ishitani and Angela Coloretti, Job Prep Services.

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Event Sponsor
Job Prep Services , Leeward Campus

More Information
455-0240, event flier (PDF)

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Tuesday, February 14
12:00pm Using Evidence to Support Your Thesis
Leeward Campus, BS 107
12:00pm Love Game
Leeward Campus, Library Concourse
1:30pm Your Love Language at Home, School or Work
Leeward Campus, Dap-ayan DA 204
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