Empire and Ethnicity in China

March 4, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Sakamaki A201 Add to Calendar

Professor Ned Davis of the History Department will be presenting "A Medieval Mausquerade: Empire and Ethnicity in the Making of China's Most Notorious Temple Cult" as the next session of the History Workshop. This year's theme is "De-Centering the Nation State: Historical Methodology within a Pacific Geography." Professor Davis will be tackling the question "who is this god?"

For 1300 years, Chinese literati and modern scholars have told us that this most popular of medieval Chinese deities was in fact a demon, who bankrupted its male devotees, violated their wives, and hastened both their deaths. But they are wrong. This deity was not a demon and not even Chinese, but a spirit of an indigenous people of south China who were moving from their homeland at the very same time - the eighth and ninth centuries - as Polynesians were setting out for Hawai'i.

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History, Mānoa Campus

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Suzanna Reiss and Matt Romaniello, 956-7407, histwork@hawaii.edu

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