7th Annual Strongman/Strongwoman Competition

March 4, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Alex Waterhouse Weight Room (Varsity Athletics Weight Room) Add to Calendar

Check-in: 6:00pm
Start: 6:45pm

Must have a validated U.H. Manoa I.D. and sport specific attire

Men's weight classes:

- 165 & under

- 166-185 lbs.

- 186-205 lbs.

- 206-225 lbs.

- 226+ lbs.


- Beginners and Open

Men's Events: Bench Press, Tire Flip, Log Clean & Press, Chain Pull, and Farmers Walk

Women's Events: Bench Press, Chain Pulls, Farmers Walk, Med Ball Toss, and Medley

Prizes for each division:
1st Place: $100 per person
2nd Place: $50 per person

Applications can be turned in early to the Leisure Center to ensure a spot for the night.

For more information please call 956-6468.

Ticket Information
Pick up applications at Leisure Center, Ticket & Info Office, Student Rec Service Office (PE/A 200 formerly known as the intramurals office)

Event Sponsor
University of Hawaii at Manoa Recreational Sports Board, Mānoa Campus

More Information

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