NREM Seminar - Dr. Richard Criley

March 7, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Mānoa Campus, St. John 11 Add to Calendar

Getting Our Message Across to Different Audiences

Presenation by Dr. Richard Criley, Professor Emeritus, Dept. Tropical Plant & Soil Sciences

Abstract: For any presentation, it is a good idea to know your audience. Whether your talk is invited or contributed, you will have an objective in mind for the information you wish to communicate.

You make certain assumptions about your audience that circumscribe your level of presentation.

We are used to using visuals - chiefly PowerPoint - but we should remember that audiences are much more engaged with something they can handle, taste or smell.

Be aware of the setting in which you will give the talk as even a Power-Point can be ineffective in a bright room where the screen cannot be darkened

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NREM, Mānoa Campus

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