NREM Seminar - Dr. Ayron M. Strauch

March 14, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Mānoa Campus, St. John 11 Add to Calendar

A Social and Ecological Approach to Understanding Drivers of Surface Water Quality in Semi-arid Africa

Surface water resources are a small portion of the total water supply, but have a large influence on the distribution and behavior of wildlife, vegetation, and humans. Understanding the mechanisms that drive surface water quality in semi-arid environments and their consequences for social-ecological systems is critical for the management and conservation of water resources, especially in water-scarce regions.

In rural Africa, humans are intricately linked with their environment, and to examine water resources from only an ecosystems or social systems perspective would ignore the other factors that are concurrently at work.

I approached water-related questions using qualitative and quantitative methods with case studies from Eastern and Southern Africa. I will first describe how large-scale differences in soil composition, seasonal patterns of rainfall, and wildlife drive chemical and biological water quality in the Serengeti National Park.

I will then explore the influence of traditional management institutions and local ecological knowledge on water-related behaviors and the resultant consequences for ecosystems and livelihoods. Successful strategies for managing water resources are needed for sustaining social-ecological systems as global drivers of ecosystem change (population growth, land use/land cover change, climate change) continue to push systems towards collapse.

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