Match Day 2011

March 17, 7:00am - 8:30am
Mānoa Campus, 651 Ilalo St, Kaka'ako Add to Calendar

Imagine being handed an envelope that contained details of what your life would be like for the next few years. What kind of nervous anticipation might you experience?

Fourth-year medical students at the John A. Burns School of Medicine open envelopes to learn where they will be spending their post-graduate medical training as newly minted doctors.

The event is called Match Day, and it is held simultaneously at medical schools around the U.S. Students receive the envelopes that contain the news they’ve been worrying over for months. All 64 of the medical school’s 4th-year class will open the envelopes at the same time.

A computer actually “matches” the students all across the country, analyzing the student’s preferences for where they want to pursue their specialty training and then balancing that with the list of applicants the training programs prefer. The outcome is a mad one-day scramble across the U.S.

The post-graduate medical education programs doctors will “match” into include ones the John A. Burns School of Medicine supervises in major medical specialties including family medicine and community health, geriatric medicine, gneral surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics, medicine, orthopaedic surgery and pathology. The training is called “residency.” The newly graduated medical doctors will spend between two and eight years in hospital across Hawai’i (the medical school’s on-site training partners) and the U.S. mainland. They will be working at those hospitals as MD’s while earning their stripes under supervision in their specialty area. The Hawai'i Residency Programs eagerly await their newest trainees.

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John A. Burns School of Medicine (KAKA'AKO), Mānoa Campus

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