WRRC Seminar - Gary Gill (DOH) presenter

October 6, 3:00pm - 4:15pm
Mānoa Campus, Watanabe 420 Add to Calendar

As part of our ongoing series on microbial water quality, Gary Gill, the Deputy Director of the State of Hawaii Department of Health will explain and discuss what our Clean Water programs do on a daily basis to apply the federal and state water quality standards in Hawaii. From regular monitoring, permitting, inspections and enforcement, the DOH struggles with limited resources to apply modern science in the every day world of public policy, law and rules. What are the implications of establishing a set of water quality standards that attempt to define clean water from Maine to Hawaii and every state in between? When does your government close a beach because of pollution and how do we know when it is safe to re-open the shoreline? What should we in Hawaii re-design the way we live to protect the life in our ocean and streams? With his unique perspective as a lawmaker, administrator and environmental advocate, Mr. Gill will describe these issues in plain terms and encourage your thoughts and questions.

Event Sponsor
Water Resources Research Center, Mānoa Campus

More Information
Philip Moravcik, 956-3097, morav@hawaii.edu, http://www.wrrc.hawaii.edu/seminars.php

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