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Flamenco Premier

May 5, 6:00pm - 9:30pm
The Honolulu Academy of Arts Add to Calendar

A painterly, masterful look at flamenco today, filmed at the Seville Expo '92 pavilion with sets featuring replicas of great flamenco portraits ranging through history from the Renaissance to the early 20th century, Saura's latest documentary features well-established Flamenco figures filmed in High-Definition in conjuncture with three-time Oscar winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. This is one event not to be missed for Spanish Langauge students, dancers and aficionados alike.

6:00pm Main Event: Showing includes Spanish Dinner, Spanish Wine, Live Flamenco Performance and Performance by multi-Grammy Award winning guitarist Jeff Peterson and movie premier. $45/person

1:00pm: Matinée Showing. $10/person

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Spanish Department, Manoa Campus

More Information
Marquis Johnson, 478-714-1149,,

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Wednesday, May 9
10:00am Education Final Oral
Manoa Campus, Wist Hall #131
10:00am Linguistics Final Oral
Manoa Campus, Moore 575
2:30pm DCAR Informational Session
JABSOM Kakaako Campus MEB 314
3:00pm Geolabs Engineering Endowment Seminar
Manoa Campus, Pacific Ocean Science and Tech 126
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