String and Bamboo Music from Japan: Traditional and Contemporary

August 31, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Orvis Auditorium Add to Calendar

The ensemble Die Farbe (the Color), under the leadership of Kikutake Atsushi, features koto, sangen (shamisen), 17-string koto, voice, and shakuhachi (Kinko ryû).

Other members performing in Hawai'i are Kikumyouyuu Hitomi, Kikushun' Yuu Rie, and Tsujimoto Kouhei. The moderator is noted ethnomusicologist Yamaguti Osamu.

The concert includes both traditional and contemporary compositions. Traditional compositions are those from such genres as jiuta (sangen accompanied songs derived from the Kansai area), sôkyoku (koto music) and shakuhachi honkyoku (standardized repertoire for the shakuhachi), while contemporary are those from gendai hôgaku (contemporary music for traditional instruments).

Support provided by the Japan Foundation.

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Music Department, Mānoa Campus

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