Chinese Studies Public Lectures

November 14, 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Moore Hall 423 Add to Calendar

Center for Chinese Studies presents its

Fall 2012 Public Lectures in Chinese Studies

QIAO Mu, Associate Professor of Political Communication, & Director, Center for International Communication Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University

“China’s Media: From Mouthpiece to Marketplace—Change and Continuity”

In addition to speaking about China’s media, Dr. Qiao will also speak about the effects and limitations of social media in China’s 2011 grassroots election.

About the speaker: Dr QIAO Mu is an associate professor of political communication and the Director of Center for International Communication Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). He specializes in comparative media and political studies, social media’s role in social transformation, and political participation. Prof. Qiao was an independent candidate in the 2011 Beijing district congress election and was the second-highest receiver of votes with a write-in ballot in the one-winner election in his electoral district. As an advocate of civil rights in China, he has organized many events, written extensively, and has often been interviewed on the media. Prof. Qiao obtained his PhD in political science from Tsing­hua University in 2002 before joining BFSU. He conducted post-doctoral research at Asia Research Center, London School of Economics (LSE), during 2005–06. He was formerly a policy analyst at Beijing Society for Comparative International Studies during 1997–99, and was a media officer at Beijing Municipal Office for Foreign Affairs during 1995–97. Dr Qiao’s has written a monograph (in Chinese) titled The Dragon in the Eagle’s Eyes: U.S. Media Coverage of China and U.S.–China Relations after the Cold War.

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