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Of Mass and Matter

November 29, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Manoa Campus, Wat 112 Add to Calendar

Department of Physics and Astronomy Colloquium: Prof. Steve Nahn, of MIT, to speak on "Of Mass and Matter."

The first stage of the LHC era is coming to a close, and it certainly did not disappoint, with the Independence Day announcement of a new boson which looks a lot like the missing puzzle piece that furthers our understanding of how the known fundamental particles get their mass. After a brief reminder about how this all fits together, I'll update the status of this new particle with the latest results. However, another puzzling question is where is all the mass? Apparently, only about 20% takes the form of known matter particles, and the rest is the mysterious Dark Matter. At the LHC, insight into the nature of Dark Matter has so far gone unfulfilled - no other new particles have been detected. An alternative approach, using particle physics techniques to explore the natural abundance of Dark Matter in the cosmos, may be the key to resolving the Dark Matter conundrum.

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Physics and Astronomy, Manoa Campus

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Dr. Gary Varner, 956-2987,,

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