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Secrets of the Great Pyramids

January 24, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Manoa Campus, Art Auditorium Add to Calendar

Dr. Bob Brier, Long Island University

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the unsolved mysteries of all time. Egyptologists simply do not know how ancient builders raised thousands of 2-ton blocks to the top of a 480-foot pyramid. This lecture presents a radical new theory and the recently discovered evidence for it.

For years, French architect Jean Pierre Houdin worked in isolation in a one-room flat in Paris with nothing but his computer and the most detailed blueprints of the Pyramid ever drawn. In 2003 he contacted Egyptologist Bob Brier and the two began working together to find evidence for his theory that hidden inside the pyramid is a mile-long ramp that is still there, waiting to be discovered. In the course of their explorations in Egypt, they uncovered a room 275 ft. up the pyramid never mentioned in Egyptological literature.

This illustrated lecture presents the new internal ramp theory and the evidence for it, including the first photographs of the room high up on the Pyramid’s NE corner. This research was the subject of a recent National Geographic Channel TV special.

Sponsored by Archaeological Institute of America, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Sidney Stern Trust

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LLEA, Archaeological Institute of America, Manoa Campus

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Robert Littman, 956-4173,

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