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The Murder of Tiberius Gracchus

February 5, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Manoa Campus, History Dept. Library Sakamaki Hall A201 Add to Calendar

"The Priests, the Goddess, and the Murder of Tiberius Gracchus: Roman Ritual on Foreign Soil" a lecture by Dr. John Dillon, University of Peking

The spectacular murder of the tribune Tiberius Gracchus in 133 B.C. shook the Roman Republic. It may even have troubled the gods: according to Cicero, after the report of omens, a delegation of Roman priests set out to appease the goddess Ceres in her Sicilian sanctuary at Enna. This unusual event in the history of Roman religion is frequently interpreted in light of Roman politics. The study of Roman conceptions of religious territory, however, and an appreciation of Cicero's misleading version of the events suggest a different explanation, one less political but religiously no less exceptional.

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LLEA, Manoa Campus

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Robert Littman, (808) 956-4173,

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Tuesday, February 5
10:30am Funding Opportunities for Undergraduates
Manoa Campus, Sinclair - Honors Lounge (1st Floor)
12:00pm The Murder of Tiberius Gracchus
Manoa Campus, History Dept. Library Sakamaki Hall A201
1:30pm Honors Program Upper Division Information Session
Manoa Campus, Honors Lounge in Sinclair Library
1:30pm Summer Study Abroad in Mendoza, Argentina
Manoa Campus, Moore 319
3:00pm Honors Program Selected Studies Information Session
Manoa Campus, Honors Lounge in Sinclair Library
3:00pm WRRC Seminar -watershed water quantity and quality simulation
Manoa Campus, Watanabe 420
4:30pm Growing Conscious 1.0
Manoa Campus, The Free Garden (Located behind the Art Building)
5:00pm Law Week: Day 1, How to Apply to Law School & Tour
Manoa Campus, UHM Law School Classroom 1
6:00pm Innovate Your Teaching! Learn how to “FLIP YOUR CLASSROOM”
Manoa Campus, Wist Hall, Andrew W. S. In College Collaboration Center (CCC), College of Education
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