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72-hour Film Challenge 2013

March 18, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Manoa Campus, Hemenway Courtyard Add to Calendar

Compete in the second annual UH PRODUCTIONS 72-HOUR FILM CHALLENGE. Or just watch some cool student-produced films. This competition is open to all University of Hawaii at Manoa students.

MARCH 15: The Announce @ Hemenway Courtyard - 5PM
MARCH 18: The Turn-in @ UH Productions Office/Campus Center 312 - 10AM-5PM
MARCH 21: The Premiere @ the Art Auditorium - 5PM

Watch the event trailer by clicking here:


To kick off the film competition, head down to THE ANNOUNCE at the Hemenway Courtyard on MARCH 15 at 5PM. We will announce the three components required in all entries: a PROP, a LINE OF DIALOGUE, and a CHARACTER. Also, each team (or individual) must also randomly select a GENRE from a hat at this event.

Last year, we had more than 30 teams registered. How many teams can we get this year? Pre-register to compete by clicking here:

Given the weekend to produce their film, students must TURN-IN their entries on MARCH 18 at the UH Productions office (Campus Center 312) from 10AM to 5PM.

This year, we are proud to announce that we have gained several qualified judges to look over the films. As an example, John Burton (Visual Effects supervisor for films such as the Mummy and Men in Black) will participate in the process. After three wrangling days, the scores will be finalized and tallied up.

To watch all the films and hear the announcing of the winners, go to THE PREMIERE at the Art Auditorium on MARCH 21 at 5PM. This event will be a red carpet event - maybe black, we'll see what we can get - so it is absolutely essential that YOU (and your crew) come!


Stay up-to-date by joining the event on Facebook by clicking here:

Watch all the films from last year's competition on our channel's 72hr Film Challenge 2012 playlist!

Event Sponsor
UH Productions, Manoa Campus

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Monday, March 18
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Manoa Campus, Biomed. Rm. D-207
9:00am Political Science Final Oral
Manoa Campus, Saunders 624
10:00am 72-hour Film Challenge 2013
Manoa Campus, Hemenway Courtyard
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Manoa Campus, Crawford Hall, room 322
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1:30pm German Club - Kaffeestunde
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3:30pm Bollywood Mondays: '1942: A Love Story' (1994)
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