Forward Osmosis Process for Desalination and Water Recycling

April 22, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Holmes Hall 287 Add to Calendar

Dr. How Yong Ng, Centre for Water Research, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore---

The forward osmosis (FO) process capitalizes on the natural osmosis phenomenon, in which water from a feed solution filters through a semi-permeable membrane to a draw solution with a much higher solute concentration. Due to its low energy requirement and high water recovery, this process provides an attractive alternative membrane technology for seawater desalination and liquid concentration.

However, there are two primary challenges with the FO process: 1) severity of internal concentration polarization, and 2) development of an energy-efficient hybrid process to extract freshwater. This presentation will provide an overview of the advantages and issues pertaining to the FO process.

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