Collaborative Classroom Open for Manoa Faculty Use

April 29, 2013 - May 15, 2013
Mānoa Campus, Webster 101 Collaborative Classroom Add to Calendar

Webster 101 Collaborative Classroom is a technology rich environment grounded in engaged and collaborative teaching and learning.

The space and technology have been developed to allow for creative application of technology while emphasizing sound, engaged pedagogical practice. It accommodates class sizes up to 64 students. There are 8 tables each seating 8 students, each with a monitor and a panel for students to connect their own technology and writing surfaces along all wall surfaces for students’ use.

There is a technology podium from which instructors and students can make presentations to the entire room, but no lectern or defined front of the room. Departing from conventional classroom design, it is a space configured to:

• enhance community building and improves teacher/student and peer rapport

• emphasize student interaction and engagement

• enable the instructor to facilitate active learning

• support media-rich content

• function as a learning laboratory

• encourage peer instruction and project-based learning

May 15 is the first deadline. Visit the website and spend time exploring the room and criteria for use before submitting proposals for teaching your semester course online at:

If you are a faculty seeking to expand collaborative teaching practices and student learning outcomes, Webster 101 Collaborative Classroom may be the ideal classroom for you!

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