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Building a Hawaiian Place of Learning

November 14, 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Manoa Campus, Kuykendall 106 Add to Calendar

What is a Hawaiian place of learning? How can I contribute to the University's goal of functioning as a Hawaiian place of learning? This workshop will engage participants in considering these questions of our collective and individual kuleana (obligations and privileges).

We will ground discussions of classroom practice in a larger historical and contemporary social, discussing the historical emergence of this University as a land grant college and the status of Native Hawaiians within the institution.

Participants will leave with ideas for creating curricular activities in their courses and programs that contribute to UHM's growth as a Hawaiian place of learning.

Please register online at

Event Sponsor
Center for Teaching Excellence & the Office of Graduate Education, Manoa Campus

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Thursday, November 14
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12:00pm Building a Hawaiian Place of Learning
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