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10 Steps to Making a Great Impression at the Career Fair

February 25, 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Manoa Campus, QLCSS 212 Add to Calendar

The Career Fair is a great opportunity to meet a large number of employers in one location. Make the most of your career fair attendance by attending this workshop.

Sign up by contacting the Mānoa Career Center at 808-956-7007 or

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Manoa Career Center, Manoa Campus

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Tuesday, February 25
10:00am Molecular Biosciences & Bioengineering Final Oral
Sullivan Conference, UH Cancer Center
11:30am Techlogic@Manoa
Manoa Campus, Various buildings, see website
1:30pm 10 Steps to Making a Great Impression at the Career Fair
Manoa Campus, QLCSS 212
1:30pm Zachary Lum, piano
Manoa Campus, Orvis Auditorium
3:00pm Pathogenic Microbes in beach sands? It’s a fact! What can we all do about it?
Manoa Campus, MSB 100
3:30pm Meteorology Special Seminar
Manoa Campus, Kuykendall Hall 101
4:30pm NICE International Language Exchange
Manoa Campus, Krauss Hall 012
7:30pm Hawaii Space Lecture Series
Manoa Campus, Pacific Ocean Science and Technology (POST) 544
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