January 31, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Information Technology Center, 2520 Correa RD, Rm 105A Add to Calendar

Working Together Using Cloud Based Collaborative Platforms to Keep Multi Stakeholder Hydrological Projects Organized
By Dr. Christopher Shuler
Water Resources Research Center, UHM

Recent advancements in social networking have influenced how we communicate professionally, how we work collaboratively, and how we approach data-science. Scientific endeavors—especially computational tasks such as groundwater modeling or exploratory data analysis—are poised to take advantage of these new developments. Improving the shareability of information has revolutionized how we work with each other, and revealed a new process-based paradigm that promotes enhanced collaboration and maintenance of long-standing project partnerships.

In this presentation I’ll talk about my experiences using various cloud-based platforms such as GitHub and Google Colab to share data and work with researchers and stakeholders on hydrologic projects throughout Hawai‘i and American Samoa. These projects include the continuing development of a collaborative groundwater modeling framework with a water utility in American Samoa; using free google-based tools to manage a multi-disciplinary, statewide effort to understand the effects of non-point wastewater pollution on our coasts; and developing an open-access water budget model that is being used by multiple stakeholders to fill different needs.

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WRRC, Mānoa Campus

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Jonghyun Harry Lee, (808) 956-7658, jonghyun.harry.lee@hawaii.edu

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