35TH PAC RIM International Conference on Disability and Diversity

March 2, 2020 - March 3, 2020
Mānoa Campus, Hawaii Convention Center Add to Calendar

What’s Going to Happen?
Through 200 keynotes, presentations, workshops or posters, those attending will learn about challenges and solutions from 23 countries on a range of topics: inclusion – what it means in diverse contexts and how to achieve it; well-being – what blocks it and how to recharge, medical advances, and more; education – in kindergarten through 12th grade, what works; postsecondary education – new frontiers and best practices; and employment – what it takes and what it does.

Who Is Coming?
We anticipate 400 attendees plus. People may do on-site registration at the conference. About 75 percent of attendees registered are local or from the Mainland. The remainder are from other areas in the Pacific Basin, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Norway, and more. The make-up of attendees includes individuals with the full range of disabilities, family members of these individuals, professionals from a wide variety of disciplines, officials from state agencies, employers, entrepreneurs, service providers, and more.

What Is the Benefit?
When a large, broad range of people comes together, amazing things are possible. With a common interest in disability and diversity, our audience will hear and share diverse perspectives. They will explore new partnerships. They will come to understand and may elect to implement new ways, more flexible ways, of doing things. They will form new alliances to right wrongs. They will witness new ways to offer individuals with disabilities and their families supports. And finally, they will learn, over and over, what it takes to sustain something good. Through one story at a time, attendees will fill their conference bags with ideas and tools that will build a more inclusive society – where everyone is recognized and valued, and offered the opportunity to contribute to and participate in community life.

Event Sponsor
COE Center on Disability Studies, Mānoa Campus

More Information
Patricia Morrissey, 703.405.0925, pmorriss@hawaii.edu, https://pacrim.coe.hawaii.edu/

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