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Sea-Change in Scholarly Publishing

September 23, 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Manoa Campus, A153 Hamilton Library (Eugene Yap Room)

In this final session, panelists from the UH Manoa faculty, UH Press, and faculty from the library will discuss changes and challenges in scholarly publishing. Panelists include: Jerry Bentley (UH Manoa faculty, editor), William Hamilton (UH Press Director), Eileen Herring (UH Manoa faculty, librarian), Susan Johnson (UH Manoa faculty, librarian)

Event Sponsor
UH Press & UH Manoa Libraries, Manoa

More Information
Sara Rutter, 956-2540,

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Thursday, September 23
12:00pm Sea-Change in Scholarly Publishing
Manoa Campus, A153 Hamilton Library (Eugene Yap Room)
12:00pm Center for Chinese Studies Research Seminar Series
Manoa Campus, Tokioka Room, Moore 319
12:30pm Brown Bag Learning Series: Guilt Free Fast Food
Windward Campus, Hale Akoakoa 105
1:00pm Ask Your Questions about Graduate School Session
Manoa Campus, QLC 212F
3:00pm Poetry Reading
Manoa Campus, Kuykendall Hall 410
3:00pm Water Resources Research Center Seminar
Manoa Campus, MSB 114
5:00pm Social Work Forum
Manoa Campus, Korean Studies Center Auditorium
7:30pm Creating Character in 3D Character Animation
Manoa Campus, UH Architecture Auditorium
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