Hawaii Natural Energy Institute Seminar Series

February 18, 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Mānoa Campus, POST 121

More Case Studies by John Benemann, Benemann Associates, Walnut Creek, CA. This follow-up session to the previous day's seminar on "Hydrogen R&D: A How-to and Not-to-Guide" will shift the focus from photobiological hydrogen production to dark fermentations of organic substrates ? sugars, starches, cellulosics biomass and wastes. Yields and rates of hydrogen production by dark fermentations will be reviewed and the prospects of developing practical hydrogen fermentations in the near to mid-term addressed.

Ticket Information
Free and open to the public

Event Sponsor
Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, Manoa

More Information
HNEI, 956-8890, mkamiya@hawaii.edu, http://www.hnei.hawaii.edu

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