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d/Deaf and/Dumb: A Portrait of a Deaf Kid as a Young Superhero

May 2, 4:00pm - 6:00pm
West O‘ahu Campus, D-102

Dr. Joe Valente will share his dumb, 'deaf kid' origins in Bayport, New York to his current life as a “young superhero” writer. Portraying the conflicting cultural worlds of hearing and Deaf, he will describe his life in an in-between underworld and his identity as it alternates between being oppressed and empowered. These feelings are inescapably and forever the reality of those who live on the margins of our larger society.

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Diversity and Equity Initiative/ UH , West O‘ahu Campus

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Wednesday, May 2
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Manoa Campus, Keller Hall Room 403
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4:00pm d/Deaf and/Dumb: A Portrait of a Deaf Kid as a Young Superhero
West O‘ahu Campus, D-102
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Sheraton Waikiki - Maui/Kauai Ballroom
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