Pacific Film Series presents Exploring the use of Natural Fibres in Sāmoa

August 30, 5:30pm - 7:30am
Mānoa Campus, Auditorium, Center for Korean Studies

The filmmaker Galumalemana Steven Percival will give a special presentation before the film.

About the film: Sāmoa is a country of great natural beauty and has, over millennia, evolved a rich and distinguished culture. The mainstay of this culture and the profusion of expressions emanating from it is the natural environment. Samoans live in harmony with the natural resources that provide for their wellbeing. The discovery and use of natural fibers supplied the building blocks that has sustained the Samoan way of life. Early settlers in the island archipelago adapted the knowledge they brought with them and succeeding generations have refined and built on that knowledge.

This short film explores the use of natural fibres in Sāmoa and its importance to life and culture in the islands. It has a particular emphasis on the making and use of ‘afa or coconut sennit and is the second in a series of films exploring the inspired wealth of this remarkable tree.

Independent filmmaker and photographer Galumalemana Steven Percival of Paradigm Documentaries, Tiapapata Art Centre aims to share Sāmoa’s rich natural and cultural heritage through Fallen Lizard Films.

Ticket Information
Free and open to the public

Event Sponsor
Center for Pacific Islands Studies and Samoan Language Program with the Department of Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures, Mānoa Campus

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Katherine Higgins, 956-2658,

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