Oceanography Seminar

October 11, 3:00pm - 4:15pm
Mānoa Campus, MSB 100

Camilo Mora, Ph.D.
Department of Geography
University of Hawaii

“Extent, distribution, threats and protection of biodiversity on Earth”

Abstract: Ongoing biodiversity loss is tampering with the function of ecosystems and the delivery of their goods and services; this, in turn, has deleterious consequences on human welfare. Today an estimated one billion people suffers from hunger according to the Food and Agriculture Organization. This is one billion people for which their nearby environment does not supply enough food already. This situation has prompted our understanding of the drivers of biodiversity patterns and causes of their deterioration. The former knowledge is critical to prioritize limited conservation efforts on the areas that maintain biodiversity in general whereas the later knowledge is crucial to target the causal agents of biodiversity loss. In this presentation, I will introduce my research agenda toward identifying the drivers of biodiversity patterns and causes of their deterioration. I also present results on the evaluation of current conservation strategies. Work focuses mostly on the marine environment although recent focus includes terrestrial systems as well.

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Oceanography, Mānoa Campus

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Thursday, October 11

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