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Oceanography Seminar

January 24, 3:00pm - 4:15pm
Mānoa Campus, MSB 100

Richard Grigg
Department of Oceanography
University of Hawaii at Manoa

"Archipelago, the origin and discovery of the Hawaiian Islands"

Abstract: It is well known that the Hawaiian Islands were created by movement of the Pacific Plate over a fixed hotspot in the mantle of the earth. The discussion will present a general overview of the hotspot theory and supporting evidence.

Having laid this foundation, the results of long term studies of coral reefs by Grigg and others will be described using the chronology of lava flows, as well as, the islands, seamounts and guyots in the Archipelago.

The Darwin Point experiment will be described which suggests that the Hawaiian Islands drown at the end of the sub-aerial chain because coral reef growth does not keep up with subsidence and erosion of the islands. The absence of coral reefs in Hawaii in the early Tertiary is also described.

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