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Lecture: The Earliest Peopling of the Korean Peninsula

September 25, 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Center for Korean Studies

Christopher J. Bae, associate professor of anthropology at UH Mānoa, will discuss some of the questions being addressed by an ongoing multidisciplinary research project aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the nature and timing of the earliest peopling of the Korean peninsula. Current evidence suggests that the peopling of the Korean peninsula was not a one-time unidirectional event, but rather multiple migrations occurring from many different directions.

Christopher Bae is broadly trained in paleoanthropology and earned his PhD at Rutgers University. He has spent more than two decades conducting field and laboratory paleoanthropological research in eastern Asia, primarily in Korea, China, and Japan. Bae was awarded the University of Hawaii 2012 Board of Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research.

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Center for Korean Studies, Mānoa Campus

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