WRRC Seminar "Precipitation Variability and Trend in Hawaii"

October 3, 3:00pm - 4:15pm
Mānoa Campus, POST 126

Precipitation Variability and Trend in Hawaii

Speaker: Pao-Shin Chu, Professor and State Climatologist, Department of Meteorology, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Issues Covered: Precipitation, El Niño, La Nina, and PDO; Long-term (total) precipitation trend; Trends in precipitation-related climate change indices; Spatial variability of precipitation extremes; and Projection of future climate change based on statistical and dynamical downscaling.

Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013
3:00 PM
POST 126, UH Manoa Campus

Event Sponsor
Water Resources Research Center, Mānoa Campus

More Information
Philip Moravcik, 956-3097, morav@hawaii.edu

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Thursday, October 3

7:30am Maui Campus, Pilina Bldg., Wellness Center
11:00am Hawaiʻi Campus, Kaneikeao - Bldg. 379 Rm. 1 - Manono Campus
12:00pm Mānoa Campus, Henke Hall 325
12:30pm Mānoa Campus, Moore 319
1:30pm Mānoa Campus, Moore 319
2:00pm Mānoa Campus, Saunders 617
3:00pm Mānoa Campus, POST 126
3:00pm Maui Campus, UHMC Great Lawn
3:00pm Mānoa Campus, Marine Sciences Building 100
3:00pm Mānoa Campus, POST 126
5:00pm Mānoa Campus, Campus Center room 309
7:00pm Mānoa Campus, Krauss Hall 12
7:30pm Mānoa Campus, Orvis Auditorium
8:00pm Mānoa Campus, Kennedy Theatre Mainstage