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Linguistics Final Oral

October 11, 10:00am - 11:00am
Manoa Campus, Moore Hall, Rm. 575

"Modality and Causation in Serbian Dative Anticausatives: A Crosslinguistic Perspective."

Event Sponsor
Tatjana Ilic, Linguistics, Manoa Campus

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Friday, October 11
7:30am The Wellness Center - Fitness Class Schedule
Maui Campus, Pilina Bldg., Wellness Center
8:30am Visiting Artist in Glass John de Wit
Manoa Campus, Art Building, Room 117
9:00am Career Exploration Workshop
Hawai'i Campus, Manono Campus Building 379 Room 1A
10:00am Linguistics Final Oral
Manoa Campus, Moore Hall, Rm. 575
12:30pm Shark Presentation with Dr. Leighton Taylor
Manoa Campus, Waikiki Aquarium- 2777 Kalakaua Avenue
3:30pm Colloquium: Innovation and Economic Catch-Up in Asia
Manoa Campus, Center for Korean Studies
4:30pm Japan's New National Security Strategy in the Making
Manoa Campus, Hawaii Imin International Conference Center
6:00pm Passion in Paradise: Argentine Tango for Everyone
Manoa Campus, UHM Physical Education Complex Studio 3
6:00pm Futsal Tournament
Manoa Campus, Gym 2
6:30pm Iron Man 3 Movie Screening
Manoa Campus, Campus Center Ballroom
9:00pm Iron Man 3 Movie Screening
Manoa Campus, Campus Center Ballroom
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