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Earth Day - West O`ahu Week

April 22, 10:00am - 2:00pm
West O‘ahu Campus, West O`ahu Campus

Earth “Day” Fest Activities Schedule

Purpose: To engage students in campus activities and connect the campus community. To raise awareness about sustainable practices and learn more about sustainability.


10:30am-11:30am Partners in Time
11:30-2:00 808 DJ’s: Julian Brown

Live Music and Entertainment
Volleyball Tournament
Earth Day Art and Poster Contest
Garden Activities
Vermicomposting Workshop
Food Drive
Sustainability Educational Booths
Scavenger Hunt
Recycling Bring your recyclables - paper, cans, glass and plastic bottles.
RISO BOOTHS– and more

Event Sponsor
Student Services, West O‘ahu Campus

More Information
Melissa Saul, 689-2391,

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Tuesday, April 22
10:00am Earth Day - West O`ahu Week
West O‘ahu Campus, West O`ahu Campus
10:00am East Asian Lang & Lit (Japanese) Oral Finals
Manoa Campus, Moore Hall 155A
12:00pm Linguistics Seminar
Manoa Campus, St. John Auditiorium (St. John, Room 011)
3:00pm Finalist for Director, HIGP: Rhett Butler
Manoa Campus, POST Building 723
3:00pm Building An Ecosystem Service Tool to Support Ridge-to-Reef Management
Manoa Campus, MSB 100
5:00pm Financing Life: Renting an Apartment
Manoa Campus, Campus Center 307
6:00pm Public Presentation
Leeward Campus, LCC Waianae Room 1
7:30pm Hawaii Space Lecture Series
Manoa Campus, Pacific Ocean Science and Technology (POST) 544
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