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Photo Critique with David Ulrich

June 12, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Manoa Campus, Krauss Hall 12

PNM sponsors ongoing response and critique sessions led by core faculty David Ulrich and others. This is a time for photographers and students to come together, dialogue, and share work.

Please bring 8-10 examples of your work, either on a thumb drive, CD or in print form. Please be sure to save your files as JPG’s with a maximum file size of 2-3 megabytes—larger files take too long to load. Participants are encouraged to join in the dialogue with each other’s work and plan to stay for the duration of the session.

Ticket Information
Free Public Talk

Event Sponsor
Pacific New Media, Outreach College, Manoa Campus

More Information
Susan, (808) 956-8244,,

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Thursday, June 12
10:30am Astronomy Final Oral
Institute for Astronomy (IfA) Auditorium
7:00pm Photo Critique with David Ulrich
Manoa Campus, Krauss Hall 12
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