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KIDS FIRST! Film Festival

June 22, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Art Auditorium

"Lotte from Gadgetville" for ages 4 and above. 81 minutes. Dubbed in English. This crowd-pleasing, feature-length animation from Estonia has screened at many U.S. festivals, winning awards around the world. Lotte, a cheerful girl-puppy, lives in a seaside village inhabited by animals who invent wacky gadgets and time-saving machines. The villagers organize an annual competition of new inventions, which Lotte’s father always wins. This year, Lotte and her best friend, Bruno the cat, meet a Japanese bee named Susumu. He introduces Gadgetville to judo, and the town goes wild for the sport. Lotte, Bruno, and Alfred the rabbit then try to help Susumu get back to Japan for an international judo contest. Colorful, sweet, old-fashioned family fun!

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Outreach College, Mānoa Campus

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