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A Call for Manoa Faculty Mentors

May 29, 2014 - August 29, 2014
Manoa Campus, Kuykendall 107

Junior Faculty are eager to be paired with a Senior Faculty Mentor! If you are a tenured faculty member at rank 4 or above, please consider becoming a Mentor for a junior faculty. Senior Mentors and Junior Mentees enjoy mutual benefits through collegial group events and confidential mentoring. Faculty Mentors supplement departmental collegiality and mentoring through confidentiality and commitment, making incremental and significant differences for individual faculty and for the entire university community. For more information, visit

Event Sponsor
Office of Faculty Development and Academic Support, Manoa Campus

More Information
Faculty Mentoring Program, (808) 956-9567,,, CallforMentors_2014.pdf (PDF)

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Sunday, August 24
9:00am Using Your DSLR for Video with Jeff Orig
Manoa Campus, Sakamaki C-101
9:00am Designing for Social Media with David Hogue
Manoa Campus, Sakamaki C104
2:00pm Japanese Lacquer Painting at the Honolulu Museum of Art
Manoa Campus, Burns Hall
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