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ASUHWO - Mandatory Candidate Orientation Briefing

September 10, 9:30am - 10:30pm
West O‘ahu Campus, E-building

All UHWO students seeking candidacy for the ASUHWO Student Government in the Fall Special Elections 2014 must attend one of the Mandatory ASUHWO Candidate Orientation Briefings:

  • Tuesday, September 9th: 11:00am (E-228) or 4:00pm (E-228)
  • Wednesday, September 10th: 9:30am (E-109), 12:30pm (E-228) or 3:30 (E-109).

    If candidate is unable to attend the briefing, contact Student Life Coordinator, Rouel Velasco ( prior to the briefing dates to schedule an appointment. Failure to attend result in ineligibility.

    Event Sponsor
    Office of Student Life / ASUHWO, West O‘ahu Campus

    More Information
    Rouel Velasco, 689-2942,,

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  • Wednesday, September 10
    8:00am 9-11 Memorial Day
    Honolulu Campus, 911 Memorial (between Bldg. 2 and Keiki Hau'oli)
    9:30am ASUHWO - Mandatory Candidate Orientation Briefing
    West O‘ahu Campus, E-building
    10:00am SLD Involvement Fair
    Manoa Campus, Campus Center 208
    10:30am Karaoke Day
    Honolulu Campus, Student Lounge
    10:30am Undergraduate Research Funding Info Session
    Manoa Campus, Sinclair 201
    11:00am Truck Stop: Sweet Revenge
    Honolulu Campus, Campus Mall, near Bldg. 2
    12:00pm Political Temporalities: The Rhythms of Work and the Arts of Resistance
    Manoa Campus, Burns Hall 3118, East-West Center
    12:30pm ASUHWO - Mandatory Candidate Orientation Briefing
    West O‘ahu Campus, E-building
    1:00pm Digital Art Society of Hawaii (DASH) Exhibit
    West O‘ahu Campus, UHWO Library
    1:30pm German Film Series - Fall 2014
    Manoa Campus, Moore Hall 258
    2:00pm Field Days -- Open Recreational Play
    West O‘ahu Campus, UHWO campus
    2:00pm Psychology Final Oral
    Manoa Campus, Sakamaki C-204B
    2:30pm Resume & Cover Letter: Market Yourself on Paper
    Manoa Campus, QLCSS 212
    3:00pm Oceanography Final Oral
    Manoa Campus, Pacific Ocean Science and Technology (POST) 723
    3:30pm Atmospheric Sciences Seminar
    Manoa Campus, Marine Sciences Building, MSB 100
    3:30pm ASUHWO - Mandatory Candidate Orientation Briefing
    West O‘ahu Campus, E-building
    5:30pm Pre-Law Week: LSAT 101
    Manoa Campus, Law School Classroom 5
    6:30pm Wednesday Night Southeast Asia Movie
    Manoa Campus, Center for Korean Studies 1881 East-West Road
    7:00pm "Am I Black Enough for You?" A Talk by Anita Heiss
    Manoa Campus, George Hall 227
    7:30pm Ik-Soo Heo, geomungo
    Manoa Campus, Orvis Auditorium
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